A Line Which Forms a Volume 3,  2019
A Line Which Forms a Volume 3 is a critical reader of graphic design-led research that is edited, written, designed and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design (MA GMD) course at London College of Communication (LCC). The new issue focuses on collaboration and interdependence, using metaphorically the idea of the roundabout, once a landmark of Elephant and Castle (where LCC sits), as a backbone that guides editorial and visual dynamics in unexpected ways. Alongside visual essays, poems and critical texts from MA GMD graduates, the issue features contributions from guests Evening Class, Anja Kaiser and Rebecca Stephany, Legrand Jäger, and Paul Soulellis.
w/ Margarida Morais, Jaime del Corro, Paloma Moniz, Roxy Zeiher and Francisca Roseiro.
♣ Available to buy at MagCulture (London) and Under the Cover (Lisbon)

Art of War,  2017
Art of War by Sun Tzu is one of the most circulated books in the world. This edition aims to transcend its pedagogical layer, activating the pages and the object, with traces of use. An object that can be transported everywhere, that encorporates geometrical, diagramatic illustrations, written and scratched on, an object of regular use, that goes beyond reading and invites reaction. ♣

Cisterna,  2017-2018
Cisterna is a magazine created for the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (FBAUL). The project was started in 2017, with the intention of promoting a critical discussion around the social, cultural and political events of the faculty and the city. Through five issues we’ve had the chance to interview visual artists, musicians, designers, teachers and give space to young creatives to show their work.
w/ Paloma Moniz.

Premium Hustler,  2019
Premium Hustler is a critical design project that appropriates the representation of productivity coaches, proposing a critical take on the ideological system of contemporary work culture. Subverting their imagery and performance, the project aims to open a discussion about the urgent need to reevaluate the distinctions between work and leisure.
w/ Paloma Moniz and Roxy Zeiher.

On the Role,  2018
A question turned magazine. This first issue works as a discussion about the role of men in the feminist movement. After all the cases of harrassment in 2017, we question how has popular culture evolved, how can gender roles change and become ever more dilluted. More at https://ontherole.github.io/
w/ Paloma Moniz and Bruno Santos.

Crise de Identidade-Graduate Show,  2018
Crise de Identidade is the title given to the 8th installment of the BA Communication Design graduate show from the Faculty of Fine-Arts of the University of Lisbon. Youth, Identity and Design were the main ideas behind the two-week long event that displayed over 75 design projects and brought in guests Elise by Olsen, Mário Moura, Desisto, Studio Degrau and others to talk about what design means for contemporary youth. As a record of the work done in the course, a book was published with the projects of students and featuring contributions from main tutors. A suplement newspaper was delivered at the exhibition.
w/ Paloma Moniz.